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Tools and Technologies to Automate SMS Marketing for Ecommerce The goal with good marketing strategy, an SMS marketing strategy included, is to build it into your existing tech stack. This is because data is the currency of our age, and for SMS marketing in particular, the oil that makes it run smoothly. You’ll need to connect it to your CRM or ecommerce platform (or both!) so you can send the right messages at the right time, monitor how often you're sending messages so you don’t overwhelm folks, keep a finger on the pulse of cohort open rates, click thru rates and opt-out rates, and measure revenue from various SMS campaigns (likely by cohort). In other words, good SMS marketing automation tools allow you to trigger messages based on events, have pre-built recipes and workflows, and sync all data and activity into the single source of truth you are already using. There are one of three ways brands can go as they integrate and automate their SMS marketing strategies and flows. 1. Totally custom. A totally custom SMS marketing build out is what Vaynerchuk used for WineText. In fact, this is what most brands used only a couple years ago because there weren’t any SMS tools to use instead. You build a custom SMS tool using an API from Twilio or AWS. Because it is totally custom, this option comes with a lot of work on your development team. Nothing is pre-built (no automations, for instance). When would this option even make sense? Not often –– but if you are using a completely custom tech stack, and are needing incredibly unique automation and data integration customizations, then this option might be for you. Be sure to scope this out with your development team, or your development agency. The cost of this can grow quickly, and you’ll want to follow through multiple QA tests to ensure it works the way you intend. 2. Mass texting solutions. The first SMS marketing solutions to hit the market were just that –– broad mass texting solutions. They took the need for custom builds off the table, giving brands the ability to not have to start from scratch. But these solutions don’t often come with integrations into ecommerce backends, nor with the automations specifically for ecommerce needs. Instead, many of these were built specifically for B2B businesses. A few examples of early mass texting tools to hit the market are BulkSMS and SendHub. 3. Ecommerce SMS marketing automation platform. Ecommerce SMS marketing automation platforms are literally built for ecommerce brands. They have pre-built automations specifically for ecommerce brand needs, prioritize compliance so brand marketers don’t have to get too deep into the technical work, and are often built as SaaS solutions, which means any updates made to the platform can be used by all brands using the tool.


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This kind of build is what Postscript is, and follows a similar build out to Mailchimp or Klaviyo. Those tools integrate easily with the ecommerce tools you are already using (likely Shopify), but also have easy to tap into APIs that can be used for more custom needs on Magento, for example. This means that you can easily scale, pay a low monthly fee and get all the benefits of a purpose-built solution so you don’t have to re-create the wheel. “We use Postscript with several of our ecommerce brands, and integrate with Klaviyo (email subscribers), privy (for pop-ups) and Gorgias (for customer service),” says Eric Carlson, Co-Founder, Sweat Pants Agency. How can an SMS automation platform for ecommerce help brands scale with text messaging? Similar to email marketing, SMS marketing has a lot of up-front work needed in order to set it up properly. And, it needs quarterly monitoring and measuring to make sure that your messages are effective. But, once you set up your SMS marketing strategy and measure it appropriately, the scalability is endless. “Any serious marketing team has already invested in email automation. The reasons there are obvious (tracking, automation, time savings, and increased ability to optimize),” says Alex Birkett, Growth at HubSpot and Co-founder at Omniscient Digital. “The same should apply for brands who are serious about making SMS work at scale. A proper platform helps you measure, scale, and ultimately optimize and improve your campaigns, resulting in increased ROI.” Scalable SMS Marketing Automations & Recipes It’s important to note that you cannot send texts to customers whose phone numbers you already have, but didn’t collect as part of an SMS marketing strategy. This is part of being compliant, and tools like Postscript help to make sure you follow those rules. That said, here are the top four SMS marketing automations that scale your list, and your SMS marketing revenue from day 1. 1. Abandoned Cart. Customize these messages however you want, but the recipe for Abandoned Cart SMS marketing is already built-in and ready for you to hit GO. Abandoned Cart SMS Campaign Tracking and measurement is also measured here to make sure you have a handle on what is working, and how well. 2. Loyalty Offer. The Loyalty Offer is another great SMS recipe to launch on day 1. Again, customize the messaging however you want, but the workflow is already built out for you, including measurement of the campaign. Loyalty Offer SMS Campaign Example You can easily include gifs in these to make your messages feel more friendly and branded. 3. Shipping Notifications. If you are using Shopify, you likely already have these shipping notifications turned on. The problem with Shopify’s built-in solution is that you can’t see engagement rates, success, etc. Simply turn this pre-built recipe on to take the place of the Shopify flow. Shipping Notifications SMS Campaign Example 4. Welcome Series. Finally, the Welcome Series SMS marketing recipe. This recipe and workflow is an introduction to your brand, both in terms of value but also in getting new fans and customers used to your texting communication.


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Welcome Series SMS Campaign Example All messages here can and should be customized, but the workflow and recipe is already built out. SMS Marketing Recipes, Workflows and Putting It All Together Don’t believe it can be this easy to launch your SMS marketing strategy? Get yourself a 30-day free trial of Postscript and see for yourself. Test it out. Use the built-in metrics to track success. If it doesn’t work and you aren’t seeing at least a 15% increase in engagement, turn it off. That easy. Get started today. Launching SMS marketing at your ecommerce brand? Now is the time to start. And you are more prepared than ever. Whether you launch a simple welcome series SMS marketing strategy, and follow up with weekly newsletter-like texts or use SMS for your VIP customers, or choose to follow a drop strategy with SMS marketing as your push tool –– the possibilities, and the consumer attention, is endless. Right now that is. As new channels launch in the ecommerce space, it is the early adopters who often see the biggest gains. Build your brand off of an SMS marketing strategy. Build trust. Build the list. Build personalization. And then confidently grow sales through a text channel to 10x you other marketing channels. Your next step from here is building out templates and copywriting to build engagement in your SMS messages. Start with our SMS templates for ecommerce brands, and then personalize them to your brand’s unique personality, point of view and more.

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