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9 Tips to Ignite Your SMS Marketing Campaigns (With Examples!)
In 2018, 95% of all Americans owned a cell phone and together they sent over 8 trillion text messages. Mind blowing! And get this: 99% of all texts are read and 45% of texts get responses. . . within 90 seconds. As consumers we love texting. We keep our notifications switched on. We have several messaging apps on our devices, and we donít filter text messages the way we do emails. All that represents a goldmine of opportunity for you to connect personally and immediately with your customers. But hang on. Just because everyoneís got a cell phone it doesnít mean youíre going to enjoy instant success by launching headlong into text marketing. First, youíve got to know how to write messages your customers will love. How hard can it be to write 160 characters? Text messages are generally restricted to 160 characters, with spaces. So, if this paragraph was being sent as a text it would have exceeded its limit 8 characters ago. Thatís how brief you need to be.


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So yes, it can be darn hard to say everything you want to say and motivate the recipient to click a link, make a booking, or take whatever action you want them to take. . . all in 160 characters. It is possible to send longer messages of up to 918 characters, but they will be broken up into separate parts and youíll be charged accordingly. But hereís the thing. No-one wants to read a text message 918 characters long. It goes against all texting etiquette. Thatís why we have emails, blogs and social media. The trick is in knowing when to use texting to your best advantage, and how it fits in with your other marketing activities. Is text marketing right for my business? Letís say you run a customer loyalty program. Texting would be an effective way to communicate exclusive offers and rewards to customers who have already opted in. But youíre better off promoting the details of the program itself through another channel like email. Similarly, text marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website or sales pages by offering coupons and discount codes. Many businesses have discovered the benefits of texting as a customer service tool. (Think about the messages you receive that track the status of an order or remind you of an appointment.)


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Not only does this help personalize and strengthen your relationship with existing customers, itís also an efficient way of reducing phone enquiries and minimizing no-shows and cancellations. Perfect if your business is in the service or hospitality industry. It can be used in conjunction with your social media marketing to run competitions or polls. And, of course, text marketing is an ideal communications tool for in-store sales and promotions. Text marketing is a fast and immediate way of communicating a single focused message to a mass audience, with a strong call to action (CTA). If this sounds like itís a good fit for your overall marketing strategy, letís dive right in to the 9 golden rules for writing text messages. 9 Golden writing rules for writing text messages 1. Keep It Short And Sweet You need to get to the point. Straight away. Throw out everything you learned in school about complete sentences and grammar. Forget all those copywriting techniques about building empathy. Go straight for the jugular and spell out the benefit of your offer or your key message. You have a split second (literally) to grab their attention and tell them what action they need to take. Write in short sentences. Use simple words and abbreviations to convey your message quickly.

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